The Birth Center Impact Video Project

This was a ground-breaking project that captured the positive impact birth centers have in communities for sharing on YouTube and other social media outlets.  The project was a multi-year film documentary & social media marketing project to: document and promote the social impact that successful birth centers have on communities, so that we can better win the hearts and minds of more communities, and grow the number of birth centers in the USA.


One of four videos depicting the Birth Center Archetype. The Birth Center is a supportive community for women and families.


The Birth Center is a sanctuary where mothers give birth.

The Birth Center is a learning place for intimacy, birth and family.

This was a very exciting project, as it gave a greater voice to those who support safe, natural, and affordable care for women and children.  The Birth Center Impact Video Project increased the visibility of birth centers and made our message more audible to help us better educate the public, policymakers, and payers to the quality care in birth centers. Featured are the stories of many birth centers across the United States and the families, women, and children that they serve.


The Birth Center is a midwife’s place of business.

A compilation of interviews with physicians who have a working relationship with a birth center in their community.

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