Racer Resources

Learn about Groups, the Spring It On Tee, and the Racery app!


What’s with the “groups” at the top of the Fundraising and Runners tabs in the race? Groups are sort of like building a team to combine your fundraising and racing efforts. It’s a great way to bring together your colleagues, co-workers, friends, and family and cheer each other on to a common goal (while also competing against other groups!). Even better, you can be part of more than one group!

So how do you become part of a group?


Join a Pre-existing group

Browse the list of groups at the top of the Runners tab. Clicking on “…>>” will expand the list and give you more details. Click on a group name to see who else is in the group, the group stats, and a button that says “Add me to this group!”


Start your own group

Click on your racer icon in the top right corner of Racery, then on My Bio in the dropdown menu. There you can change your picture, add details about yourself, and type in the name of your new group. Typing the name of an existing group adds you to that group.


Invite others

Once you’ve joined a group, click on your group name in the Runners tab. There, you can see your group stats and a button to invite others. This generates a link that you can copy and paste, share to Facebook or Twitter, or invite others by email.

Spring It On Tee


Did you register for just the race, but now you want a tee too? You can still get one!

Place your order by April 1st. Shirts are $14 (shipping included) and are available in sizes S-XL. Just email lindabaysore@aabcfoundation.org

Shirts will be shipped out during the second week of April.

Racery App

Did you know that Racery has an app for tracking your miles on the go? Search for “racery” in your device’s app store, or click the links below.