Research Funding

Funding of research, and specifically the AABC Pernatal Data Registry (PDR), has been a priority of the AABC Foundation from the start.  Read about the ways that the AABC Foundation supports research and new evidence below.

Research Grants

Each year, the AABC Foundation offers grant opportunities to support research projects on issues related to the birth center model of care.  Since 2015, the AABC Foundation has funded 11 research projects.

The funded projects include:

  • Birth Outcomes of Women with Pregravid BMIs > 30 Enrolled for Care at AABC Birth Centers
  • Hydrotherapy and Water Birth in Birth Centers: Practices and Outcomes
  • Midwife-attended second stage management in a freestanding birth center
  • Use of Active Management of 3rd Stage in Birth Centers
  • Management of Late-Term & Post-Term Pregnancy in Birth Centers
  • A Comparison of Clinical Outcomes by Birth Center Characteristics
  • Associations between length of second stage labor and maternal and newborn outcomes in freestanding birth centers
  • Birth Center Models Globally: A preliminary descriptive analysis and database
  • Confidence for Physiologic Birth in the Birth Center Model of Care
  • The Use  of Video-calls in Early Labor Care: Exploring Postpartum Women's Views of the Potential Benefits and Challenges
  • Understanding of Risk and Safety in Out-of-Hospital Birth

Learn more about the AABC Foundation Research Grant and how to apply.

Perinatal Data Registry

The AABC Foundation provided the initial funding for the Perinatal Data Registry (formerly known as the Uniform Data Set or UDS).  The PDR is an online data registry for ongoing collection of perinatal data in all settings and by all providers. This data registry, developed by AABC over the past 20 years, is designed to collect comprehensive data on both the process and outcomes of the midwifery model of care. The large prospective data set generated from the registry can make an important contribution to our ability to evaluate and improve the delivery of care to childbearing women and families. 

In 2015, the data was analyzed for the National Birth Center Study II which reinforced longstanding evidence that midwife-led birth centers provide safe and effective health care for women during pregnancy, labor, and birth.  The PDR was then used in 2013 to collect data for the government-funded Strong Start for Mothers and Newborns Initiative.