AABC Foundation

Because of people like you the AABC Foundation was able to light up the lives of others in 2012 by...

  • Providing 10 Birth Centers with Membership Grants to AABC
  • Funding the Birth Center Impact Video Project,  a ground-breaking project that begins to capture the positive impact that birth centers have on communities for sharing on YouTube
  • Supporting the revision of the AABC Perinatal Data Registry™ (originally known as the AABC Uniform Data Set). Beta-testing of this new version has just launched.

We are looking forward to 2013 and the publication of the data analysis results of more than 15,000 women who received care in midwifery-led birth centers. The report validates birth center care as high-quality and cost-effective, and demonstrates the safety and consistency of the birth center model over time.

Lisa Ross Memorial Scholarship Recipient

I wanted to send you a message to thank you again for this wonderful opportunity to attend the annual gathering.  It was fantastic!   I had a great time being in community with all of the birth center advocates and birth workers out there.  I really appreciated the clinical track of  topics, and also got so much out of the session on collaboration between CPMs and CNMs.  I feel blessed to have been able to attend.

Ellen Dassaboute, CNM