Our Mission

The AABC Foundation raises funds to support the advancement of the AABC birth center model as the standard to improve maternity and women’s health care.

The Foundation aims to accomplish this mission by identifying funding needs and appropriate resources necessary to carry out the following goals:

  • Assuring continued development, expansion, and stability of the birth center model.
  • Educating various audiences about the role of birth centers in improving maternity and women's health care.
  • Identifying and validating components of the birth center model through ongoing quantitative and qualitative research.
  • Documenting and disseminating the history and ongoing research and development of the birth center model.
  • Supporting CABC accreditation as the standard for birth center excellence.  

I support the AABC Foundation because of my passion for empowering women as the decision makers through pregnancy and childbirth.
— Paula Meyer, Birth Doula