One of the most effective roles played by the AABC Foundation is to encourage more people to get involved and deepen their connection to the birth center movement by introducing interested students and seasoned midwives to the many resources of the American Association of Birth Centers, by sponsoring scholarships to AABC workshops and conferences

As midwives and parents, we are aware that none of us have arrived in this world without assistance, and the same is true of the birth center approach which has emerged from its infancy and grown into a thriving movement thanks to the tireless effort of hundreds of un-named activists.  A few of these heroes of the birth center movement are so recognized that scholarships and awards have been named in their honor.

The board of trustees of the AABC Foundation is very aware of the trust placed in their hands to honor the memory of Amy Ellen Polk and Lisa Ross.  The scholarships offered in their memory continue to spread the positive effects of the movement for better birth.